Raphael Sigil

Raphael SigilORIGIN The Archangel of the Sephirah TipharethPURPOSE Raphael is also known as the Divine Physician and the Archangel of healing. However sometimes a person must suffer a disease or may be ill for karmic reasons, and if this is the case, Raphael would reveal the bigger picture that sometimes we don’t always see. His sphere is of Divine Love and the harmonious balance of the middle pillar in the Tree of Life.APPEARANCE An archangel that appears with fiercely bright, golden Light. His body seems to be a hologram made up of Light itself.

Och Sigil

Och SigilORIGIN Spirit of the SunPURPOSE A very wise spirit that can show you how to heal others by yourself, with a guided meditation. Och can also show you how to use gold for evocations or invocations.APPEARANCE A crowned man wearing golden robes, riding a lion. In his right hand holds a scepter that emits a powerful golden light.

Menqel Sigil

Menqel SigilORIGIN Angel of the SunPURPOSE Can assist with establishing peace in your life or harmony in your career. You can wear a charged sigil with you to work and see the difference.APPEARANCE A female, grey winged angel, wearing a purple robe and has bright green eyes.