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If a fiberoptic cable can transmit light signals to our homes for the Telephone, Television, and Internet all at once, then we can begin to understand how the light bridges from constellations, or groups of stars can also contain information.

As that light energy reflects and bounces off the planets in our solar system, astrology reveals the angles of geometry that the rays of light will make as they reach Earth at the exact latitude and longitude where you were born. The Natal Chart is generated with all numbers: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Latitude, and Longitude of your Birthday.

Our Astrological Natal Charts are the combined culmination of many cultures studying the effects of astonomy on us for thousands of years.

Natal Charts have accurately predicted complex personalities traits and specific karmic challenges that you must overcome during your lifetime.

Every individual has something to correct, otherwise they simply would not be on Earth. Our time on Earth can be seen as a university where certain tests must be passed to get to the next level.

If we fail the test, it will come back in our life again and again until we pass it, and level up.

If we die before correcting our karma, we will be reborn again and given another opportunity.

Despite Sidereal Astrology, we still have the Free Will to control our character in any way we so desire. We have both a Destiny and at the same time Free Will.

Our Natal Charts simply offer guidance and warnings of karma that we need to correct to finally achieve enlightenment.

In basic physics we learn that everything is made up of atoms and that the trinity of protons, neutrons, and electrons build the world as we see it today.

However, almost 99% of all physical objects around us are made up of empty space, their solid forms are an illusion of there true composition and potential.

In quantum physics we discover a trinity of subatomic particles, fermion quarks, boson gravitrons, and vibrating strings. Vibrating strings that attach to themselves in a Ouroborus type circle are called Gravitrons and can travel from one dimension to another.

Edward Witten's M-Theory suggests 11 dimensions create our multidimensional universe.

Kabbalist recorded that there are 10 dimensions, and they start from the endless realm of knowledge called Da'ath, which is numerically zero, giving us 11 dimensions again.

Seen below is a depiction of the Tree of Life or Sephirot, showing the 11 dimensions:

Schrödinger's Cat Experiment was a thought experiment or gedanken, hypothesizing that observation affects the subatomic particles and waves that are the building blocks of our external universe.

With regular meditation the observation of our superconscious connection to everything around us increases and we gradually become more self-aware.

This means that your internal visualizations and the direction of our thought energy can affect our external environment and create this manifested reality, in a constant feedback loop of thoughts, words, and actions.

"Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows."

Opportunities will coincide with the will of our thought patterns and present the best time to speak the right words and take the correct action, so that we can achieve our goals.

A Magickian knows that there is no such thing as a coincidence, it is really Magick at work.

According to Sigmund Freud, the mind is divided into 5 parts. Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious, Will, and Prana. What the magician does is take his Conscious mind and direct it towards his Subconscious mind to tap into the Superconscious.

"A State of Mind, Creates A State of Being"

Use the drop-down menu on the upper right to follow our numbered steps for a Magickal Ritual. The ritual wording is purposely written in an arcane way to encourage you to make it your own.

Over 500 years ago Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa who learned from Johannes Trithemius perfected the magickal squares used to create spiritual sigils for our planets, the Sun, and the Moon; 

The vibrations of Divine Names must remain, because they are exact and important, they work like a key opening a specific door via sound waves.

Words that are in arcane English are not exact and can be personalized in your own Journal with the help of ritual guidance offered here, combined with your own specific intentions, written in the present-tense.

These rituals were largely developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a group of scholars that wrote the Cipher Manuscripts.

Other Rituals, like the Opening by Watchtower, can be traced back thousands of years before Dr. ‎Francis Israel Regudy also known as Israel Regardie published a book on it. His knowledge came from a former member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Magickians who speak from the heart should keep intentions positive and ask for the best possible outcome when verbalizing a prayer and requesting the help of any one of the various messenger angels that can be summoned with their specific sigils.

Some prayers found in the book of Psalms (which was credited to King David) can be used as positive prayers

Once the angels are summoned to the circle by visualizing their unique sigil, they will be the messengers of your request to the Light of God.

Requests should not be too specific, for example when dating it is best to request a soul mate to come into your life then to request anything that would interfere with another individual's free will.

Black Magick is normally destructive, however if it's used to destroy cancer from a patient, then you can see how the intentions and purpose of whether Black Magick can be good or bad, and that only a magickian's intentions are the deciding factor when it comes to the Law of Karma.

White Magick is normally healing in nature, but if White Magick is used to keep someone alive who may be bed confined and suffering from an irreversible head trauma, then by practicing White Magick with these intentions can clearly bring about bad Karma.

Therefore White Magick is not always good, and Black Magick is not always bad, every decision, in every waking moment, your intentions is what makes something Good or Bad.

Kim Jung Un threatened to bring pestilence to the world (Revelations 6:8) as a Christmas gift to America for not removing economic sanctions by a self imposed December 2019 deadline. CoViD-19 was then announced by the World Health Organization on December 31st 2019, after the virus was intentionally released from WIV BSL-4 and allowed to spread for weeks. The benefit of using biological weapons is to weaken your adversaries economy and overload their hospitals as a precursor to war, while pretending its an accident. By using remote viewing, it seems like war will take place in China from March 25th 2023 to May 3rd 2023 over Taiwan. All of this destructive energy is black magick. However if the outcome of the event is the downfall of the Chinese Communist Party, then it will be good, and another step in the direction of human freedom worldwide.

Non-opposing dualistic forces, such as God and Goddess, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Male and Female, Life and Death, and even Good and Evil; one can not exist without the other.

This duality can even be found in the Bible where the masculine singular Adonai was usually translated to English as Lord, the feminine plural Elohim has commonly translated into English as God (as seen in Genesis).

When non-opposing dualistic forces join in a sacred union as One with the power of Love, it can be powerful and high vibrational energy, raising the effectiveness of your Magick.

However this frequency can also be tapped into with disciplined meditation as Tibetan Buddhist Monks have reached the same level by meditating on thoughts of Love and gamma waves were recorded on their fMRI test results. Brain Waves are divided into groups of Alpha, Beta Theta, Delta, and Gamma.

Scientific studies have recorded that molecules of water will crystalize beautifully and symmetrically when thoughts of Love were directed towards the water with the word "Love" written on the container.

When thoughts of Hate were directed at different bottles of water and the word "Hate" was written on the container, the water crystalized very chaoticly, and visibly different. This experiment was been repeated numerous times with the same recorded and verified results.

  1. Gamma (Above 40Hz) being the highest frequency, the wavelength of the SuperConscious Mind.

  2. Beta (13-40Hz) brainwaves are when we're alert, exercising, or with an active problem-solving mind.

  3. Alpha (7-13Hz) brainwaves are the resting state of mind.

  4. Theta (4-7Hz) brainwaves are of the Subconscious mind and can be reached by light sleep or a deeply meditative mind, it is the frequency when our intuitive antennaes can start to recieve messages from angels that are all around us.

  5. Delta (Less than 4Hz) brainwaves are the lowest frequency, when we experience Rapid Eye Movement or REM, this allows our brain to rest and recharge, without reaching REM, we would still feel tired upon waking. Some individuals may even experience prophetic dreams and a dream journal may be beneficial to keep.

Dream interpretations are always more important than the dream itself, so always interpret dreams in the most positive way possible.

The lowest frequency of Delta brain waves is the Prana or etheric energy-field of dark matter and dark energy that is omnipresent throughtout our universe. Lucid Dreaming can be achieved at Delta, Theta, and even Gamma levels.

Gamma (>40Hz) is the Superconscious Mind, Beta (13-40Hz) is the Will, Alpha (7-13Hz) is the Conscious Mind, Theta (4-7Hz) is the Subconscious Mind, and Delta (<4Hz) is the Prana.

In that order, there is a Hertz frequency group connection between Sigmund Freud's five psychological categories of the Mind.

Brainwave Entrainment and Binaural Beats can be used to change the brain’s frequency to sync into any state of mind with your own self hypnosis recording.

Also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, these hypnosis recordings can be used to change your Subconscious Mind to eliminate debilitating anxiety or to have more appreciation, gratitude, and happiness.

This is a technological and psychological tool used to improve any individual’s mental health. With the right understanding anyone can create their own personalized recording of what they want to plant into their own subconsious mind, with their best intentions for self improvement. 

Our menu options above can be used as a type of spiritual technology that Magickians can use as guidance to send requests and prayers directly to the Creator with the assistance of the best angelic messengers for your purpose. 

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